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This website, ‘,’ is the property of Clearco Insure Limited, operating under the trade name ‘Clearco Insurance Quote Searcher’ (COMPANY NUMBER: 09685684), along with its affiliated companies. The registered office is located at 103 Reddish Lane, Manchester, Denton, M34 2NF. In the context of these Terms of Use, references to ‘we,’ ‘our,’ and ‘us’ pertain to Clearco Insurance Quote Searcher. ‘You’ and ‘Your’ means the person who wishes to use our services.


• 1.1 Unlike other comparison sites, this website does not generate quotes on its own, as it requires the necessary authorisation. Your access to and utilisation of this Website are governed by the following terms and conditions (‘Terms of Use’). By accessing and using this Website, you agree to adhere to these Terms of Use. If you do not consent to these Terms of Use, you are not allowed to access or use this Website, and you should promptly discontinue such access and use.
• 1.2 Should you violate any provision of these Terms of Use, your right to access and use this Website will be immediately terminated.
• 1.3 This Website is designed for use by individuals aged 18 and over who are residents of the UK only. Please be aware that this Website, including products, pricing references, and product descriptions, undergoes frequent updates, and products may be withdrawn without notice.
• 1.4 We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, and therefore, we recommend reviewing them each time you use this Website. The revised Terms of Use will be effective from the date of posting on this Website. Continued use of this Website implies acceptance of the amended Terms of Use.
• 1.5 Clearco Insure Limited does not function as an insurer but rather provides assistance services and clerical support.
• 1.6 Clearco Insure Limited does not offer advice or provide personal recommendations regarding the suitability of any policy for individual or business clients. While we may describe policy features, the decision to purchase rests with the client.
• 1.7 Clearco Insure Limited operates as an independent price searching company, not affiliated with any insurer or underwriter, serving as an appointed party working solely on behalf of customers in searching for quotations.


2.1 We prioritise the protection of your privacy. For detailed information on how we utilise the data you provide to us, kindly refer to our Privacy Policy. Your utilisation of this Website is consistently governed by the stipulations outlined in our Privacy Policy.
2.2 We recognise and explicitly agree to be bound by the terms articulated in our Privacy Policy. We commit to adhering to all relevant data protection legislation applicable to the personal data we collect from you.


Clearco Insure Limited has no intention of engaging in regulated activities; therefore, we explicitly DO NOT Regulate, Monitor, Forward, Administrate, or set up any policies. While we may present or describe all quotes, features, and benefits to you, it remains solely your responsibility (as the client) to make the purchase or proceed independently.
3.1 If any provision of these terms and conditions is deemed invalid or unenforceable, either in whole or in part, by any competent authority, the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement will not be affected. English law will govern this agreement, and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Except as expressly provided elsewhere, these terms and conditions are applicable only between us and you, and no other person is entitled to benefit from them.
3.2 Regarding quote searching, our activities explicitly DO NOT include the following, in accordance with (Section 19 of the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2000, Order 2001 (RAO) - FCA Handbook).
• A) Accepting deposits or arranging cover
• Under Section 19 of FSMA provides that a person may not carry on a regulated activity in the UK unless he is authorised or exempt. The ''Regulated Activities'' are specified in the FSMA Act 2000, Order 2001(RAO) - FCA Handbook
• A) Effecting or carrying out contracts of insurance as principal.
• C) Assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance.


Clearco Insure Limited does not provide financial, investment, or any other form of advice. Nothing on this Website should be construed as financial, investment, or any other advice from us concerning any product.


1. Issuing e-money
2. Dealing in investments
3. Arranging deals in investments
4. Operating a multilateral trading facility
5. Managing investments
6. Safeguarding and administering investments
7. Establishing collective investment schemes
8. Establishing stakeholder pension schemes
9. Providing basic advice on stakeholder products
10. Advising on investments
11. Advising on home finance activities
12. Lloyd's market activities
13. Entering funeral plan contracts
14. Entering into a home finance activity
15. Administering a home finance activity
16. Entering into a home finance activity
17. Administering a home finance activity


As indicated in clauses 2 and 3 above, being a professional firm, we abstain from engaging in the regulatory activities mentioned. Consequently, in accordance with The Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (FSMA), we are not obligated to obtain authorisation and regulation from FCA and PRA. Regarding the handling of personal and sensitive data, as well as payment information, we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR. We have made necessary declarations to the Information Commissioner. As a merchant, we share information with Paymentsense to align with ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards’ (PCI DSS).


A. If any part of these Terms of Use is deemed legally invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be replaced by a valid and enforceable one that most closely aligns with the original intent, and the remaining terms will continue unaffected.
B. Failure to enforce any rights granted under these Terms of Use by either party will not prevent them from taking further action.
C. These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and us regarding your access to and use of this Website, superseding any prior agreements, including any previous terms of use for this Website.


• 4.1 This Website facilitates the application for various products. It's important to note that these products are not supplied by us but by third parties over whom we have no control. Before deciding to obtain any product, it is your responsibility to ensure your satisfaction with the choice. Prior to making a purchase decision, you should refer to the relevant product documents. The presence of a product on this Website does not imply our endorsement of the provider, the product, the content on the provider’s website, or the provider's activities.
• 4.2 All product prices are quoted in UK pounds (£).
• 4.3 We bear no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage incurred by you or any third party in connection with any product obtained after using this Website, or for any acts, omissions, errors, or defaults of any third party in connection with that product.
• 4.4 Statements regarding the terms of the products, including features and inclusions, are provided on this Website. Some of these statements are generalised for a summarised comparison of products. It's essential to recognise that not all products are identical, and you should verify the exact terms of any product you intend to purchase before making the purchase. The product information on the website is accessible only to UK residents.
• 4.5 By submitting your personal details through this Website, you can make an offer to obtain a product from a third-party provider. The acceptance or rejection of your offer determines the conclusion of the contract for the product, which occurs only when your offer is accepted by the relevant third-party provider. If your offer is accepted, the product will be provided to you, subject to the third-party provider’s terms and conditions. You will receive written confirmation if your offer is accepted.
• 4.6 Our website may include hyperlinks to other websites as part of our service. These links are provided for convenience only, and their inclusion should not be construed as an endorsement of the third-party website. These websites are owned and operated by third parties, and we accept no liability for any statements, information, products, or services published on or accessible through them.


• 5.1 All quotations are offered based on the principle of ‘Utmost good faith’.
• 5.2 It is crucial that you act with utmost good faith by responding honestly and providing accurate information to all inquiries. This obligation is applicable when applying for the policy and continues throughout the policy's duration.
• 5.3 We require a fair and comprehensive statement regarding the nature of any presented risk. Failure to provide complete and accurate information, covering all material facts and circumstances, may result in your policy being invalid in the event of a claim, or a higher premium may be imposed.
• 5.4 A circumstance is deemed material if it could influence the judgment of a prudent insurance company in determining the premium or deciding whether to accept or reject the risk. Consequently, you must disclose all material facts within your submission and update this information as relevant between the initial inquiry, attachment of any cover, and throughout the policy term. This obligation applies to new orders, adjustments, renewals, extensions of cover, endorsements, and claims.
• 5.5 It is essential to recognise that your responsibility to provide material information to the quotation firm is of utmost importance. The absence of a specific request for information within a proposal form or questionnaire does not imply that such information is immaterial. If you are uncertain about the materiality of information, please contact us at – 0161 637 6336.


When using this website, you acknowledge and agree that you will refrain from taking any actions that compromise the reliability or security of the website, or that result in undue inconvenience to other users or us. Your use of our website is restricted to personal purposes, and it is a condition that you are a resident of the UK. Unauthorised use, including commercial use, is strictly prohibited, and we reserve the right to pursue additional measures, such as legal action, in response to such unauthorised activities.


• 7.1 On this Website, we offer a service that allows you to research and compare quotes for cars, vans, homes, businesses, and accident management, all provided by third parties. We are not the insurer and do not provide consultancy or intermediary services. It's important to note that we do not offer advice or recommendations regarding the suitability of any policy for individual or business clients. Our role is solely to search the market for the most cost-effective rates on a non-advisory basis. While we may describe policy features, the decision to purchase is solely yours as the client.
• 7.2 Your responsibility is to provide accurate details to the best of your knowledge and authenticity. If your insurer presents any unfair terms, the following terms and conditions apply to all customers (especially those using the quote searching service) if you agree with the insurer’s/broker’s terms and conditions as stated on their website. You pay Clearco Insure Limited a separate service fee for price searching work. If the insurer accepts payment from your bank card, then our fee is non-refundable. We do not take any commission from the insurer, and our services are limited to price searching. If the payment does not go through due to incorrect or false information provided to us by you, such as but not limited to undeclared accidents, DVLA penalty points or ‘fake’ No Claims Bonus, we reserve the right to charge for our service from the amount that you would pay to Clearco Insure Limited, even if we do not manage to find you quotes with the correct information given to us afterward. If any similar quotation that is generated through our work is bought, the charges for our work may apply depending on circumstances. If the insurer imposes any unfair terms to cancel your policy, depending on the time of cover, we may deduct only £50 of the service charge you have paid us and refund you the rest, although according to our full terms, we are not obliged to do this. Clearco Insure Limited is a service providing company, not the insurer, broker, or underwriter. In terms of legality and data accuracy, any information entered on the insurer’s website has been recorded, and the insurer/broker/underwriter sends you this via email link or post or online account. It is your responsibility to check your policy documents, statement of facts, and stay updated with your Insurer requirements from time to time. As an independent price searching company, we do not monitor or administrate any policy.
• 7.3 We do not act as a broker or agent for any specific company. Compliance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You, as the client, authorise us to conduct price searching work on your behalf to find quotes or renewal comparisons from the available market, based on the accuracy of the information you have submitted. Clearco Insure Limited does not provide personal recommendations, suggestions, or financial advice, as we are not FCA regulated.
• 7.4 Some insurers may not appreciate third-party involvement in quotation searching on behalf of customers. Therefore, we strongly recommend verifying with the insurer before proceeding with the policy using the quotation links sent. If your policy is cancelled within 3 months of receiving the quotation links from us, we may search for you again for free, or we will issue a full refund of our service charge if any mistakes were made during the searching process. After receiving quotation links via email, if you find any details incorrect or erroneous, please amend them with the insurer immediately. If the premium increases due to that amendment, on goodwill basis we may adjust the difference with our service charge or search for you again free of charge (subject to the price comparison sites algorithm).


• 8.1 You are solely allowed to use this Website for personal purposes, provided you adhere to these Terms of Use. The commercial use of this Website is strictly prohibited.
• 8.2 You are not allowed to undertake any action that might impact the security of this Website, or any information or material stored within it.
• 8.3 You agree not to: (A) use any automated tool (such as a spider, robot, or aggregation tool) to access, copy, or extract such information; (B) copy or disclose any Website content to any person, other than as expressly permitted by these Terms of Use; (C) use any method or process (including data scraping, collection, or accumulation tool, robot, spider, or scripted responses) for the purpose of obtaining, processing, copying, replicating, distributing, reconfiguring, republishing, viewing, assessing, analysing, modifying, or repackaging any Website content; (D) use any method or process to consolidate or combine any Website content with any other content, data, information, images, or material; (E) reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to construct or identify this Website’s source code, formulas, or processes; (F) use systematic, repetitive, or any other methods designed to obtain a large number of quotes, comparisons, rankings, or other pricing and related information from this Website; (G) use, obtain, or attempt to obtain from this Website information to identify or discover pricing, underwriting, rating, and related business methodology or systems; or (H) post, distribute, or send any ‘spamming material’ or any other form of bulk communication.
• 8.4 You are not allowed to use this Website in any unlawful or fraudulent manner.
• 8.5 You agree that if you provide any information on this Website, that information will be true, accurate, and complete.
• 8.6 This Website is intended for quotation searches, but Clearco Insure Limited cannot bind any third-party provider or ensure that any third-party provider sells any product to you. Accordingly, nothing on this Website constitutes an offer by us or any third-party provider to: (a) sell any product to you; or (b) enter into any contract with you.


• 9.1 The word, mark, and all variations of ‘Clearco Insure Limited’, including associated logos and symbols, are registered trademarks of Clearco Insure Limited or its affiliates.
• 9.2 All intellectual property rights for any material or content accessible through this website are either owned by Clearco Insure Limited or have been licensed to us for usage.
• 9.3 You may only use the trademarks displayed on this website for fair and non-commercial purposes, and you may not: (a) incorporate them into your own trademarks, (b) use them in a manner that may cause confusion or damage to the reputation of Clearco Insure Limited, or (c) use them in a manner that suggests an endorsement or affiliation with products or services not provided by Clearco Insure Limited.
• 9.4 Except as expressly authorised in these Terms of Use, you may not use, copy, publish, or distribute any of the intellectual property rights belonging to Clearco Insure Limited or our licensors in and relating to this website (including any content or material displayed on this website) without our prior written consent.


• 10.1 The provision of this Website, its content, and services is offered to you strictly on an ‘as is’ basis. We do not provide any warranties, whether express or implied, concerning their quality, suitability for a specific purpose, reliability, timeliness, accuracy, completeness, security, or freedom from errors.
• 10.2 While we strive to ensure accurate information, accessing this website and acting on its information is solely at your own risk. We accept no liability for any resulting losses.
• 10.3 We do not warrant that this website is free from viruses or other harmful elements.
• 10.4 Although we strive for uninterrupted access, we do not guarantee continuous availability. We reserve the right to suspend, restrict, or terminate your access at any time.
• 10.5 We will not be liable for any loss of use, profits, data, or for any indirect, special, or consequential damages or losses, whether arising in contract, negligence, or tort, or otherwise in relation to: (a) your use of, reliance upon, or inability to use this website or content; (b) the deletion with or without notice or cause of any of your data or information stored on this website; (c) any loss of your content or communications resulting from delays, non-deliveries, missed deliveries, service interruptions, or a failure, suspension, or withdrawal of all or part of this website at any time; (d) the removal from this website of any content or communications sent or posted by you on or via this website; (e) any circumstance that is outside of our reasonable control; and (f) any loss or damage that is not directly caused by us or which we could not reasonably expect at the time we entered into our agreement with you.
• 10.6 These Terms of Use do not intend to exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury, fraud, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Clearco Insure Limited, its directors, employees, agents, and contractors from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of or in connection with your breach of these Terms of Use or your use of this Website.


Your insurer or service provider would normally be covered by Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). If your insurer fails to meet its obligations, you might be eligible for compensation under the scheme. The extent of coverage depends on the nature of the business and the specifics of your claim. For more details on compensation scheme arrangements, visit the FSCS website at or contact the Financial Services Compensation Scheme at 7th Floor Chambers, Portsoken Street, London E1 8BN.


While we cannot tailor or modify information unless your circumstances change, and we do not act as a broker, agent, or third party for any specific insurer, we operate as an Independent Price Searching Company. We offer links to comparison websites and various companies to seek out the best deals for you. However, if you desire, we can manually complete forms on your behalf based on your specifications and circumstances, provided you authorise us and provide accurate information. Using this information, we conduct manual searches across a range of prospects to find suitable covers, often resulting in more challenging premiums that ultimately save you money and time. It's important to note that we cannot make alterations to the quotes or policies provided. These quotes do not include any charges from insurers or brokers that may arise later if you request amendments or alterations to the policy, such as changing your car or address. When presenting you with quotes, we always handle your data and payment information in compliance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR 2018. ‘Clearco Insurance Quote Searcher’ does not offer personal recommendations, suggestions, or financial advice regarding the suitability of products to our clients. It's important to note that we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Typically, you can expect to receive quotes within a maximum of 8 business hours via text (SMS) or email to the mobile number or the email address you provided. Subsequently, you will receive a telephone call to further discuss the quotation, allowing you to explore policy features and address any queries you may have. It's important to note that the price we deliver depends on the availability of third-party sites and the overall performance of the internet. In certain circumstances, we may be unable to provide quotes, and if so, you will be informed accordingly. Rest assured, we will notify you via telephone, SMS, or email once a quote is ready for your review.


It is incumbent upon you to truthfully answer all questions on the relevant form to the best of your knowledge and belief. If you are uncertain about any answers, you should disclose any information you deem pertinent. Incorrect answers may lead to rejection of your application or require payment of additional premiums, which the insurer reserves the right to collect. Upon policy purchase, it is your responsibility to review and, if necessary, amend any details with the broker or insurer from whom you choose to purchase your policy. Failure to do so may result in policy invalidation. Additionally, it is solely your responsibility to thoroughly read and comprehend the Terms and Conditions of the product you are procuring from your service provider. These details should be accessible to you via the provided third-party web link. It is crucial to understand that the Terms and Conditions agreed upon with us pertain solely to this website.


Not all insurance providers can handle every situation. They specialise in specific risk profiles and won't offer quotes for ‘high-risk’ or ‘non-standard’ scenarios. This means you might receive fewer quotes, or potentially none at all, when searching online.


Insurers share information with the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) Register administered by Insurance Database Services Limited (IDS Ltd), and the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud & Theft Register (MIAFTR) overseen by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). This collaboration aids insurers in verifying provided information and prevents fraudulent claims. When you apply for coverage, the insurer handling your request may search these Registers and any other pertinent registers. Under the terms and conditions of your policy, you are obligated to inform the insurer about any incidents, such as accidents or thefts, regardless of fault or whether a claim has been filed. Upon notification of an incident, the insurer will share this information with the Registers and any other relevant entities.


Your motor insurance policy details will be added to the Motor Insurance Database (MID), run by the Motor Insurers’ Information Centre (MIIC), sometimes it may take up to 7 days to get your policy details updated on the MID. You can also check information about your own vehicle at MID data may be used by the DVLA and DVLNI for the purpose of Electronic Vehicle Licensing and by the Police for the purposes of establishing whether a driver’s use of the vehicle is likely to be covered by a motor insurance policy and/or for preventing and detecting crime. If you are involved in an accident (in the UK or abroad), other UK insurers, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and MIIC may search the MID to obtain relevant car insurance policy information. Persons pursuing a claim in respect of a road traffic accident (including citizens of other countries) may also obtain relevant information which is held on the MID. You can find out more about this from the insurer, or at


Any driver who has had any accidents (fault or non-fault) or claims (whether claim made or not) in the last 5 years must disclose this information when asked, failing to do so may lead to an increase of the premium or it may invalidate insurance with the possibility of cancellation fees. Insurers or brokers may also check with CUE for the history of any accidents or claims recorded within the CUE database. The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) is a central database of motor, home and personal injury/industrial illness incidents reported to insurance companies, which may or may not give rise to a claim.


Any driver who has had any motor convictions, fixed penalties or disqualifications in the last 5 years must disclose this information when asked, failing to do so may lead to an increase of the premium or it may invalidate insurance with the possibility of cancellation fees. Insurers or brokers may also check with DVLA for the history of any motor convictions, fixed penalties or disqualifications recorded within the DVLA database. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the organisation of the UK Government responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and a database of vehicles in Great Britain.


The copyright material found on this website, including any brands and trademarks, is owned by us or our licensors. You are permitted to download, copy, or store the content and other downloadable items displayed on the website for personal use only. However, copying or storing website content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. You are not authorised to use this information or copyrighted material unless you have obtained written permission from us or the owner.


The information provided on this website is presented on an ‘as is’ basis, and we make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding its contents. We disclaim all such representations and warranties. Additionally, we do not guarantee the completeness, suitability, or accuracy of the information and related graphics published on this website for any purpose. The information may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. However, we expressly exclude all liability arising from any such errors or inaccuracies to the fullest extent permitted by law. We do not warrant that the website or any linked websites are free from viruses, malware, or other malicious computer problems. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use appropriate antivirus software. Neither we nor any of our employees or representatives will be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of this site. This limitation of liability applies to all damages of any kind, including compensatory, direct, indirect, or consequential damages, loss of or damage to property, loss of income, profit, or data, in claims by third parties. None of the exclusions and limitations under this clause are intended to limit any rights you may have as a consumer under local law or other statutory rights that cannot be excluded. This clause also does not seek to exclude or limit our liability to you for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or that of our employees or agents.


Details of any fees or charges for amendments related to your policy can be found in your policy documentation from your insurer. These fees are payable directly to your cover provider. Any other fees will be discussed or advised before proceeding with the policy. We provide non-obligatory quotes for free. However, if you decide to proceed further using the quotations or their reference, you will be liable for a separate service charge. Our variable service charge is always included when we provide you with quotes, and you pay us this service charge after you have satisfactorily sorted out your needs with your provider. Please note that you will be paying us for searching the quotes on your behalf. If you provide us with false or inaccurate information leading to the cancellation of your policy, our service charge will not be refunded. We do not share the service charge with any of your product or service providers, nor is it linked to your policy. However, if you are dissatisfied with our standard service or experience any inconveniences due to errors, including clerical and typing errors, we will reimburse the difference or, in some cases, refund the full amount of our service charges (subject to eligibility).


In accordance with Trading Standards regulations, we are obliged to inform you of our charges. Our services are billed on a time basis for work carried out on your specific requirements. The current charge-out rate for our company is £200 per hour for work conducted by a Senior Service Providing Officer or Management, and £150 per hour for all other Service Providers. Additionally, all letters and emails sent out by us, as well as all telephone calls made and received by us, will be subject to a charge of £25 each. Please note that our charges are subject to an annual review. In the event that all or part of any invoice issued by our company remains unpaid, we reserve the right to apply for full charges.


We set ourselves very high standards and do our utmost to maintain these high standards in everything we do. In rare situations where you may feel those standards have not been maintained we would like you to tell us as this is the only way we will be able to improve our service.

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In Writing:

Complaints Handler
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Please note for the purpose of handling complaints our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, excluding bank holidays, religious holidays and national holidays. We aim to treat our customers fairly at all times, especially when they are not happy, or they feel have cause for complaint. We take any complaint very seriously. Any complaint, whether made in writing or verbally, is immediately referred to our customer support team and is formally recorded. Our customer support assistants are responsible for ensuring that we thoroughly investigate any complaints. Please include details of your name and address, a contact telephone number, your policy or quote number and details of why you are unhappy. This will help us to respond to you as quickly as possible. If we do not have enough information to investigate your complaint, we will contact you to ask you for further details. Within four weeks of receiving your complaint we will send you either: A final response or A letter explaining why we are not yet in a position to resolve your complaint and advising you of when we will be contacting you again.


The products and services featured on this website are exclusively available to residents of the United Kingdom seeking insurance within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man (excluding the Channel Islands). By utilising our services, you affirm that all applicants listed on your policy are UK residents. If any policyholders experience a change in residential status, it is your responsibility to promptly inform the cover provider.


If you or anyone acting on your behalf misrepresents or deliberately fails to disclose material facts at inception, or at any time during the term of the policy or at renewal of the policy that would materially impact either the terms and conditions or the issue or renewal decision itself. This includes where the insurer has been provided with any information or documents which are false or stolen. The insurers have the right to cancel or void your policy and any other related policies. The insurers may seek to recover any costs they have incurred and may not return any premium.


We have in our sole discretion the right to issue a warning, temporary suspension, or an indefinite suspension and termination of Your rights to use the website if you:

  • Act inconsistently and in breach of these terms and conditions.
  • At any time violate or attempt to violate any rights of any other user of the website or third parties.
  • Are engaged in any fraudulent activity.
  • Threaten or abuse employees of Clearco Insurance Quote Searcher either verbally, physically or in any other form.

We retain the right to decline any price searching requests or quotations at our discretion.

  • If any provision of these terms and conditions are held by a competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions will not be affected and will remain valid.
  • In the event of a dispute in connection with or arising out of these terms and conditions, English law will apply, and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  • These terms and conditions will apply as between us and you. Unless as otherwise stated in these terms and condition no other person may benefit or rely upon these terms and conditions.

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